A few years ago I decided to teach what I know about mixing for concerts, and share my working experience alongside artists like: Iron Maiden, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Kiss and many others.

In one of these classes I decided to record the content to share with more people who didn't have the chance to be present. Now, 100% online,  you can see the Masterclass I did in Brazil.

In all the content I speak English, but subtitles are available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Come and learn the techniques I shared to apply to your mixes in live performances, churches and live streams.

Here’s What

 To Expect

Session 1

Files Organization; Psychology and Study of the Artist; Trust in your work; What is important before mixing?

Session 2

Virtual Playback; Mic Placement; Triggers and Sidechain; Proximity effect; Gain structure / Fader resolution.

Triggers on drums; How to solve live microphone placement problems; Equalization presets; Parallel compression; Compression groups; The dynamics today; Treatment in playback channels.

Groups and Busses; Pans; Positioning of guitars in the mix; Steve Harris's bass guitar.

Sample rate; Pre or post compressor; Vocals plugins; Vocal compression.

Dynamic decisions; Sound pressure level; Virtual sound check.

Waves SoundGrid; Documents and file sharing + Q&A

My work flow with Snapshots; Hass Effect on Guitar + Q&A

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

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About me...

"Pooch" is a tenured and acclaimed Producer, Engineer, and Live Sound Engineer. His track record of recognition for flawless engineering started from Berklee College of Music through three Grammy nominations and a history of Platinum and Gold Records. He is the FOH Engineer and production master behind Jay-Z, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Iron Maiden, KISS, Guns & Roses, Linkin Park, etc. and holds close to a dozen FOH Engineer accolades.

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Audio Seminars LLC — 2023

Session 9

Linkin Park Mixing Demo + Q&A

16 Plus hours of content for Live Mixing Sound. Learn, apply and achieve better results!

Get "Pooch" Masterclass

In this Masterclass I talk about how to set up a mix from start to finish, Waves SoundGrid, communication with artists; microphone placement and many other topics that will make you achieve more success in your live mixes.

About the Masterclass

Techniques, tips and tricks to help you achieve better results.

10 plus hours of content; Mixing demonstration; Q&A.

Apply my techniques to your live mixes!

My techniques for live sound mixing

Improve your mixes in live shows, live stream broadcast, church or any type of presentation.


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